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Hello world!

Tax season is obviously the “topic du jour nowadays. Meaning everyone is stressed, focused, anticipating what this will mean for their finances. I am writing this to help make life easier for you this tax season.  I find that tax time is stressful like no other for everyone, especially entrepreneurs. Y’all are usually scrambling last […]

How You Can Make 2022 Tax Season Chill

I often see entrepreneurs under-saved for retirement for many reasons. Cash flow isn’t particularly predictable. You don’t know how much you’ll make this year, so you don’t know how much to contribute. Saving for retirement isn’t as straightforward as contributing to your workplace 401(k). You are generally unfamiliar with the different vehicles that are available to you. I completely […]

Two Tips to Simplify Retirement Savings for Entrepreneurs

I’ll tell you a bit about my own career trajectory, leap to entrepreneurship, and how I’ve personally witnessed a financial transformation that has convinced me it’s really the golden ticket. I worked in wealth management for 8 years before I left to launch my own firm. I spent a lot of that time eagerly trying […]

Why Entrepreneurship is the Golden Ticket for WOC

I talk a lot about how we can truly shift the terrible dynamics in our society when we as Black, Latina, and Asian women have more money. Money allows us to have more agency in our personal and professional lives to leave the bad husband, quit the soul-sucking job, or move out of the cramped […]

Get that money mama!

So, what’s the point of financial planning? I get a lot of inquiries about financial planning services from prospective clients. They often have never worked with a financial advisor before, they usually say that they want to do better with money. That’s a great aspiration, but it’s not really the point of financial planning. That […]

What’s the point of a financial advisor anyway?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about money— making more is not the only key to financial security, building wealth, etc. Like Notorious BIG said, “mo’ money, mo’ problems.” The hottest stock tip is also not going to save you. Do you want to know what WILL make a difference in […]

Why making more money isn’t the answer.

I bet you’re wondering what a photo of Christmas presents has to do with savings for your kids? Basically, it’s my attempt at subliminal messaging to not spend a whole bunch on Christmas this year, scale back and instead redirect those funds towards creating some wealth for your little ones. Perhaps you can even sock […]

Saving for your kid’s future

Here we are on DAY FOUR of my 10 days of tips on business owner finances. Today, we’ll be discussing everyone’s favorite topic- tax time!! Tax season is a monster for accountants, but also their clients. There is apprehension, dread, stress, and pressure all mixed with a dabble of “dang, I should have done this […]

3 Ways You Can Prepare for Tax Time

Alright guys- we’re here for day 2/10 of giving you business owners tips to avoid costly mistakes and feel financially empowered. Here are a few things I commonly see amongst business owners regardless of whether you’re just starting out in business or have been in the game for years. Ignoring them completely I totally get […]

5 Mistakes Entrepreneur’s Make with their Finances