I was recently on an introductory consultation call with a prospective client. We were discussing her financial future and how I might be able to best support her right now. We had reached the portion of the call where I typically ask what their goals and vision for their future life is. In this instance, […]

What do I want?

There is so much attention on supporting black businesses and buying black right now, but my mission of working with women of color has been in my heart for a long time. I grew up with lots of strong, beautiful, and smart women in my family. They served as daily inspiration for me in so […]

Why WOC?

It may seem odd to discuss positivity right now amidst the national protests, a global pandemic and recession but I really am. I suppose it stems from me being a pretty optimistic person by nature. I choose to focus on the good things in life, and I think that is sorely needed in these dark, […]

Things I Love Lately

Alright, y’all I’m about to get real on here. Why is it so hard to talk about money? Do you want to talk about money, but get weird looks from people anytime you bring it up and *gasp* mention a specific dollar amount? If you’ve been shamed for discussing money openly and freely, then this […]

Why is it so hard to talk about money?