Are You a Good Fit?

Who Do I Work With?

30 & 40- Something Women of Color

I come from a line of incredibly strong women who worked their fingers to the bone for most of their lives, but were not always well equipped to make smart financial decisions. My biggest dream is to serve as a resource for women of color. I want to help them to increase their financial knowledge, shift any limiting money mindsets, grow their financial wealth and impact the trajectory of countless families just like mine.


Service-Based Entrepreneurs

I firmly believe in the power of entrepreneurship to change the trajectory of your life forever— if done the right way that is. I work with service-based entrepreneurs to maximize their business profitability and leverage that to build wealth and the life of their dreams.

US Foreign Service Members

My husband is a foreign service officer, so I have first-hand experience in the practicalities of this lifestyle — what it means to have parts of your life scattered across the world; the financial implications of planning life in two-year increments; what it’s like to buy a year’s worth of toilet paper, laundry detergent and cereal. I’m location agnostic and will work with you wherever you find yourself!