One of the most common questions I get from my FSO clients is “what are your thoughts on purchasing real estate?” It’s understandable given that a lot of FSO’s have significant excess cash flow. As a property owner and financial planner, I have a lot of personal experience with this and can offer some insights […]

Purchasing Real Estate as a Foreign Service Officer

Holy pandemic! I’m continually astounded at the speed and scope of this global pandemic. There is no corner of the globe that is not touched by it, as we foreign service families can attest. I’m here today to discuss the unique impacts this global pandemic has on FSO finances and the steps you can take […]

COVID-19 and FSO’s

This post is for my brand new, Foreign Service Officers out there! I know there are so many things on your mind right now like bidding on your first tour and figuring out what the 3,000 acronyms you encounter on a daily basis mean(FSI, LNA, PCS, R&R, FSRS, etc.), so I figured I’d do my […]

Financial Success for Early-Career Foreign Service Officers