I know for a lot of us, retirement can feel so far away and hard to imagine. Some days it feels like I won’t make it to 8pm bedtime, let alone 2040. However, that doesn’t negate the importance of saving for your golden years. Here are a few key concepts to know and additional resources […]

Money Basics Series: Retirement Planning

There’s a lot of financial advice out there. It can be super confusing to figure out when something applies to you, or what you should be doing. Even when well informed, I find people still often question whether they’re doing enough of the right things with their money. To that end, I’ve created a list […]

Money Basics Series: Types of Accounts You Need

Oh, my old friend debt. Debt is one thing that almost universally serves as a source of financial anxiety and shame in our society. There are loads of financial gurus who I won’t name that shame anyone who holds debt. I have shared some of my personal struggles with debt, and will undoubtedly share some […]

Money Basics Series: Debt Management

Budgeting is one of the most-discussed financial planning topics out there. It’s with good reason because having a plan for your money is one of the most important things you can do to take control of your finances. Most people don’t have or follow a strict budget which can get them into trouble, i.e overspending, […]

Money Basics Series: Budgeting

Insurance is like having a lifevest and oxygen mask on an airplane— you hope you won’t ever need them but you’ll be SO glad you have them should a need arise. The basic principal is one of risk management, or transferring your personal risk onto the insurance company. In exchange for your premium(monthly or annual […]

Money Basics Series: Insurance

Alright guys, this is the first of many “Money Basics Series” articles. My goal in writing these is to serve as a resource to get more finance-related knowledge out there in an accessible, digestible and fun way. I want each and every one of you to feel financially-empowered and equipped with the right tools to […]

Money Basics Series: Stock Investing 101