Meet Anna


Hi, I’m Anna!

My story is like so many others. I spent my youth dreaming of the many possibilities for my life— places to visit, ways to contribute to the world, and how I would construct a meaningful family life. However,  somewhere in between the stress of completing school, climbing the corporate ladder, raising a family and trying to keep up with the Jones’, I stopped dreaming altogether. I was constantly telling myself “someday” or “next year” except that day or year never seemed to come, and my dreams drifted further and further away.

What I failed to see was that my dreams were completely attainable. In fact, I seemed to be the one standing in my own way! I was repeating the same pattern as many of my clients— letting the fear of uncertainty run my life. Having come through on the other side, I see that I am in the perfect position to help my clients as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant with nearly a decade of experience. I’m here to guide them towards realizing their financial aspirations, their dreams and then some. My mission is to witness the joy on my clients’ faces when they realize that dream of opening a foregone business venture, vacationing in Italy, sending their kids to college, or retiring early is possible!

I’m a native New Yorker; lover of everything related to food, the Gambia, Latino history, West African culture, and literature. When I don’t have my head buried in a spreadsheet, you can find me working out, re-reading literary classics, hanging with my husband, chasing one of my three girls around, or dreaming about my next adventure. The dreams I’m working towards now are building a family home in Puerto Rico and finding new ways to savor the time with my growing girls. 

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