On Our Way to Seven

On Our Way to Seven

A unique and intimate experience for women who want to be financially COnfident.


Build wealth.

You’re determined to change your family’s financial tree and achieve what you want out of life:

More freedom.

Less financial anxiety.

The ability to start a business, buy that dream house, retire your mom, etc.

Building wealth is the kind of thing that you can do alone but do you really want to? ‘

How many times have you felt alone on this wealth-building journey? Not knowing who to talk to about your latest investments, or where to turn for reliable information?

That’s where the On Our Way to Seven Mastermind comes in.

Imagine this..

An intimate group of like-minded sistas. Accountability. Growth. Confidence. Expert advice on just how you can achieve every single goal you have in mind.

I know that I felt so alone when I began planning for my financial future. Should I pay off debt? What were other people thinking or planning for? Was I on the right track?

Here’s Everything You Get

  • 12 weeks of live support- weekly calls with Anna and guest teachers!

  • Weekly calls saved in extra content gallery for life

  • Video content gallery of instructional content

  • Reading lists & meditations for each module

  • 45 minute 1-1 call with me at the end of the program

  • A private Facebook group so you can keep in touch with like minded sistas.

  • Swag bag of goodies to make you feel wealthy and like a boss!

Results You Can Expect

  • A community where you are understood, supported and cheered on to achieve all your wildest life and financial dreams.

  • Clarity around your current personal financial situation & your future goals.

  • An increased sense of purpose- a.k.a. your driving force of “why” is stronger.

  • Financial empowerment and comfort in assessing financial issues.


Meet Anna N’Jie-Konte

I’m a mom, wife, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and entrepreneur. My biggest goal in life is to be your financial BFF and hype woman.

By teaching women about how to confidently master their money, my hope is to reduce financial stress and anxiety and empower more women to live the life of their dreams (not just what you were told is practical).