I recently watched this amazing IGTV from the Jamaican entrepreneur and life coach, Nicole McLaren Campbell. She was saying that someone sent her a DM on Instagram stating that she had fallen “behind” and hadn’t achieved enough by her age of TWENTY years old. Can you imagine? Nicole proceeded to tell her the world was […]

6 Steps to Take When You’re “Behind” on Retirement Savings

There’s a lot of financial advice out there. It can be super confusing to figure out when something applies to you, or what you should be doing. Even when well informed, I find people still often question whether they’re doing enough of the right things with their money. To that end, I’ve created a list […]

Money Basics Series: Types of Accounts You Need

It can be hard to look ourselves in the mirror and take responsibility for our actions. I was recently introduced to the concept of “radical responsibility” and it’s been a game-changer. It basically is the idea that you are always responsible for the outcomes of a situation. This gives me back my own power. If […]

Why Your Investing Behavior Matters

Alright guys, this is the first of many “Money Basics Series” articles. My goal in writing these is to serve as a resource to get more finance-related knowledge out there in an accessible, digestible and fun way. I want each and every one of you to feel financially-empowered and equipped with the right tools to […]

Money Basics Series: Stock Investing 101

This is a really uncertain time for all of us investors. We have all seen our 401(k) accounts take a substantial hit. Although the market is showing signs of recovery these days, there really is no telling where it will go tomorrow or the day after. That doesn’t diminish the feelings of loss, anxiety,and scarcity […]

What should I do with my 401(k) right now?

Your risk tolerance is not your risk capacity. I’ve been having this conversation a lot with clients and thought it would make a good blog post. So, let’s get RISKYYYYYY. We’re all here watching the stock market go up, down, and then up again. It can be a bit anxiety-producing if you haven’t taken the […]

Assessing Risk

I’ve already given you guys some thoughts on the current market environment. That was about two weeks ago, and I think it’s pretty clear that the volatility and downturn are not over, and likely won’t be for a while. So let’s talk about the things that you can do right now to set yourself up […]

Some things you CAN do while markets are volatile

This has come up with some clients recently, so I figured I could write about it while I’m working through this with them.  So the basic scenario is you received a large, lump-sum windfall– whether that be from an inheritance or selling a home. The first and most important step to take is to not […]

What Should you do with a Lump Sum?