I talk a lot about how we can truly shift the terrible dynamics in our society when we as Black, Latina, and Asian women have more money. Money allows us to have more agency in our personal and professional lives to leave the bad husband, quit the soul-sucking job, or move out of the cramped […]

Get that money mama!

I bet you’re wondering what a photo of Christmas presents has to do with savings for your kids? Basically, it’s my attempt at subliminal messaging to not spend a whole bunch on Christmas this year, scale back and instead redirect those funds towards creating some wealth for your little ones. Perhaps you can even sock […]

Saving for your kid’s future

So, we’ve all read those doomsday articles before, right? Kids cost you $3 million dollars each by the time they’re 18 years old. That’s obviously assuming that you’re raising them to today’s high standards, i.e. they’re enrolled in the best childcare available, they participate in every imaginable extracurricular activity, you’ve enrolled them in expensive summer […]

The Subtle Ways Kids Affect your Finances