I talk a lot about how we can truly shift the terrible dynamics in our society when we as Black, Latina, and Asian women have more money. Money allows us to have more agency in our personal and professional lives to leave the bad husband, quit the soul-sucking job, or move out of the cramped […]

Get that money mama!

So, what’s the point of financial planning? I get a lot of inquiries about financial planning services from prospective clients. They often have never worked with a financial advisor before, they usually say that they want to do better with money. That’s a great aspiration, but it’s not really the point of financial planning. That […]

What’s the point of a financial advisor anyway?

I bet you’re wondering what a photo of Christmas presents has to do with savings for your kids? Basically, it’s my attempt at subliminal messaging to not spend a whole bunch on Christmas this year, scale back and instead redirect those funds towards creating some wealth for your little ones. Perhaps you can even sock […]

Saving for your kid’s future

There’s a lot of talk out there about earning passive income, generating multiple income streams, and achieving financial independence. The goal seems to be to achieve more income therefore ensuring all our financial woes will disappear. The problem with this thinking is it misses the mark on what it takes to build wealth and achieve […]

One thing you’re not doing with your finances that you should be….

There is so much attention on supporting black businesses and buying black right now, but my mission of working with women of color has been in my heart for a long time. I grew up with lots of strong, beautiful, and smart women in my family. They served as daily inspiration for me in so […]

Why WOC?

Life is all about finding a delicate balance between priorities. work v. play sleep v. binge-watching Tiger King eating your veggies the day after a night out on the town. It can be hard to know when to indulge and when you need to exert some control. The same is true of your finances since […]

Balancing Conflicting Financial Priorities

We all know the statistics. Latinas earn .54 for every $1 that a white man earns. For black women, that figure is like .61. It’s a national disgrace, and I don’t pretend for a moment to be the woman with the answer to the big systemic problems. I am just a single woman of many […]

Creating Wealth as a WOC

It can be hard to look ourselves in the mirror and take responsibility for our actions. I was recently introduced to the concept of “radical responsibility” and it’s been a game-changer. It basically is the idea that you are always responsible for the outcomes of a situation. This gives me back my own power. If […]

Why Your Investing Behavior Matters

The more I do this financial planning work, the more I see just how personal financial planning is. You can line up two people who have similar educational backgrounds, professions, and sociocultural identities only to find that they will feel wildly differently about their finances. It is particularly stark when you look at their risk […]

Liquidity v. Certainty

There’s a saying in Spanish “dime con quien andas, y te diré quien eres.” This roughly translates to “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” I’m officially trademarking the saying “tell me how you spend your money, and I’ll tell you what you value.” I might just make that […]

Your Financial Expenses = Your Values