Employers have a true opportunity to promote greater financial wellness and economic empowerment amongst their staff. Through the intentional focus on giving employees the concrete tools they need to lead financially healthy lives, employers can increase retention, productivity, and overall well-being. 

We partner with values-aligned organizations that desire to holistically care for their employees, want to provide additional wealth-building benefits for their staff, and seek to align their 401(k) plan investments with their organizational missions.

  • We will assist your organization in selecting aligned and appropriate 401(k) plan investment options. 

  • Our firm will provide quarterly financial education workshops to increase overall financial knowledge and comfort for all staff. These will include recordings and educational slide decks. 

  • We provide complimentary 30-minute consultations with a CFPⓇ professional to all employees. 

  • We will also provide customized, 1-1 financial plans via our "Financially Lit in a Day" process. 

  • We assist each participant with setting up their 401(k) plans via your organization's 401(k) option.

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