As your life changes, your personal financial plan has to evolve with it. Many people view financial advisors as specialists in investments or insurance. However, our approach is truly holistic and comprehensive. We take time to understand you, your cultural background, your aspirations, fears, and the nuances of your life before making a single recommendation. This makes for a relationship with far greater reach and more robust conversations. From understanding your money personality to going into great depth with you on a prospective real estate purchase, the nature of our work together will truly extend to all areas of your financial and professional life.

We deliver world-class financial advice and investment management services to philanthropic-minded investors. We partner with individual investors who want to align their portfolios with their values. 

Our firm is committed to moving capital in impactful ways — to further racial equity and social justice and combating climate change.
We provide them with investment management services consisting of:

  • A thorough dialogue around theory of change as it regards their investment portfolio.

  • Development of your personal theory of change, which will help us determine your individual social impact objectives.

  • Determining an appropriate asset allocation in alignment with your social impact objectives and personal financial/income needs.

  • Aligning your investment objectives, impact pillars, and liquidity needs with impact-focused investment managers. 

  • Discussions of cash flow management and other distribution needs.

  • Investment planning, including reviewing your current investment portfolio and developing and implementing a strategy to shift it to be in alignment with your personal financial goals and values.

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