Things I Love Lately

It may seem odd to discuss positivity right now amidst the national protests, a global pandemic and recession but I really am. I suppose it stems from me being a pretty optimistic person by nature. I choose to focus on the good things in life, and I think that is sorely needed in these dark, scary, and uncertain times. Along those lines, I have been thinking a lot about some of the big shifts I see happening in our society which is overwhelmingly positive, albeit painful to go through in the moment.

People having hard conversations

Maybe it was just me, but I feel like I watched people around me skirting around the big, important issues in their lives my entire childhood and early adulthood. It left a mark on me, and I definitely have people-pleasing, don’t rock the boat, diplomatic tendencies by nature. If I’m honest with myself, I know I really want to speak my truth kindly and unapologetically. Whether that be unequivocally stating that Black Lives Matter, that we need real economic reform, or simply that certain industries need to be changed, there is something shifting here. It thrills me that I see so many people doing this, and I am so inspired that I have vowed to make this my default from now on. 

Growing Awareness of Just How Much Identity Matters

It should be no surprise here given my podcast, but I am so fascinated with socio-cultural identity and the ways it touches every aspect of our lives. From education to earning an income to how we dress to building first-generation wealth, there is no shortage of discussion around the ways in which our background influences the ways we move in the world. We seem to have largely dropped the idea that the US is a completely “background-neutral” country and see the ways in which our backgrounds can help and hinder our ability to achieve our success. 

Women unapologetically going for what they want

I’ve had a lot of amazing conversations lately. Mostly with first-generation American women like myself. Women who want more for themselves and their families and want to make a lasting impact on their family’s relationship with money. This is so exciting to me precisely because it goes against what was the norm for so long– accepting what was “reasonable” and never hoping for something greater. This gets me fired up to help these women achieve their wildest financial dreams and then some!

Overall, while I am so heartbroken it has taken such a toxic, violent, oppressive period in our country to spark change I remain heartened that we are all waking up and taking steps in the right direction. I really believe that we are taking micro-actions towards a more equitable, just, positive future for our nation and society as a whole.

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Things I Love Lately

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