It may seem odd to discuss positivity right now amidst the national protests, a global pandemic and recession but I really am. I suppose it stems from me being a pretty optimistic person by nature. I choose to focus on the good things in life, and I think that is sorely needed in these dark, […]

Things I Love Lately

I’ve always been a big reader. My dad was super strict and didn’t allow me to watch TV during the school week (this qualifies as child abuse, right?). So I basically had no choice but to play outside with friends and read lots of books. I’m so grateful to my pops now for forcing this […]

Books I’ve Read Lately

So, we’re all trapped in our homes and looking for things to do. Looking for another way to pass the time or a reason to go to the store. Here are a few of the things I’m eating/listening to/ reading right now to pass the time (that is besides giving my kids a snack for […]

Looking for things to do while quarantined?

I am a big dreamer guys. I imagine big things. I set aggressive goals. I have a tendency to tell myself that I can do it all, all the time. Then life happens. I once killed myself training for a half-marathon during a particularly busy period at work and 9 months after having my second […]

Things didn’t go to plan. Why you trippin’?