Let’s not lose sight of what really matters

Like so many others I spent yesterday stressed, anxious, apprehensive, and eating my feelings. My personal poison of choice was kettle chips and skittles. I stayed up until 4 am attempting to guess what would happen and whether our nation had learned its lesson from the last four years. It turns out that many of us have, but a whole lot of us have not. That’s a conversation for another venue and folks that have a different lane than I do.

I’ve spoken with a lot of clients today, and it’s clear that yesterday’s uncertainty and apprehension have carried over into today. While I believe it’s important to allow our feelings around this election and do a lot of self-reflection as a nation, I would be remiss as your financial BFF and hype woman if I didn’t gently redirect your attention to what really matters. At this time when things feel so hectic and grim, let’s keep a laser focus on what you value, what your goals are and why it is the ultimate revolutionary act for you to pursue building generational wealth.

  1. Remember that while you can’t control the world, you can control your personal financial choices. Continue focusing on your goals to pay down debt, save and invest for your future and future generations. In fact, now is a good time to revisit your numbers and see if you can do so more aggressively. By liberating yourself financially, you liberate those around you.

  2. Your motivation to pursue financial abundance is still valid and more important than ever. Finances can feel frivolous at a time like this, right? I didn’t want to post on socials or write this blog. Except I remembered that personal finance and wealth-building are the ways we can begin to shift the power dynamics in this country. If we’re broke, we can be easily pushed around and overlooked. By pursuing wealth, you’re securing your place as someone who is “unfuckwithable.”

  3. With wealth comes influence. We’ve seen it time and time again that people listen when money is involved. That’s why so many of our politicians are pandering to special interests who do not have our interests at heart. Build your wealth as a kind-hearted, empathetic person, gain a louder voice, and use your money to change the world.

Let’s channel some of this energy for good, shall we? I’m here for you if you want to explore how to begin building generational wealth.

Hasta pronto mi gente,






Let’s not lose sight of what really matters

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