Why making more money isn’t the answer.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about money— making more is not the only key to financial security, building wealth, etc. Like Notorious BIG said, “mo’ money, mo’ problems.” The hottest stock tip is also not going to save you.

Do you want to know what WILL make a difference in your finances?

Working on your money mindset, honing in on your priorities and following through on those goals you’ve outlined. Now I know this is going to feel very anticlimactic, but it really is the key to unlocking why you’ve been making the financial decisions you have been, why you haven’t been making the traction you want, and why your net worth is not climbing.

Without having concrete direction, clarity on what you want to achieve, and the right perspective around your money you will find you aren’t hitting your goals and are likely in a similar financial position that you were 1, 3, 5 years ago.

This is not to say that making more money won’t help you achieve and even accelerate your financial goals. However, if you find yourself constantly saying “If I get that raise, then I’ll be able to save for retirement or my kids’ education” or “there just isn’t enough money to save for retirement” then you are likely suffering from a missing perspective and could use a re-focus.

Here are a few tips you can use to refocus your finances and begin to make real progress towards your goals:

  1. Examine your attitude towards money: How have you been handling your finances? How do you feel about money? Where have you been hitting goals or not in your financial life? Do you see any negative financial habits that are impeding your financial success?

    Understanding what your relationship to money is like and what your money triggers are can really go a long way to helping you overcome any self-sabotage that might be happening. Awareness really is the first step towards making a positive change.

  2. Sit down and write out your life goals: What do you want to achieve in your life? How much would it actually cost? When do you want it to happen?

    By making your goals as clear and concrete as possible, you make it possible to make and track your progress towards attaining them.

  3. Figure out a concrete plan to achieve them: How much do you need to save or pay on your debt in order to achieve your goal? Now break those amounts out into monthly targets and set up automated payments to make it happen.

I will be hosting a webinar on January 9th at 11 am EST entitled “How to Actually Achieve your Financial Goals.” Please register if you want to expand on these tips further!



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Why making more money isn’t the answer.

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