I talk a lot about how we can truly shift the terrible dynamics in our society when we as Black, Latina, and Asian women have more money. Money allows us to have more agency in our personal and professional lives to leave the bad husband, quit the soul-sucking job, or move out of the cramped […]

Get that money mama!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about money— making more is not the only key to financial security, building wealth, etc. Like Notorious BIG said, “mo’ money, mo’ problems.” The hottest stock tip is also not going to save you. Do you want to know what WILL make a difference in […]

Why making more money isn’t the answer.

There is so much attention on supporting black businesses and buying black right now, but my mission of working with women of color has been in my heart for a long time. I grew up with lots of strong, beautiful, and smart women in my family. They served as daily inspiration for me in so […]

Why WOC?

The more I do this financial planning work, the more I see just how personal financial planning is. You can line up two people who have similar educational backgrounds, professions, and sociocultural identities only to find that they will feel wildly differently about their finances. It is particularly stark when you look at their risk […]

Liquidity v. Certainty

Let me paint a picture for you. A woman wakes up early on Saturday morning, brews some coffee and powers up her laptop. She sits down at the kitchen table and pulls up her bank and investment accounts. She has been diligently putting some money away with every paycheck and should feel proud and confident […]

Anxiety and Money

I’ve been on a mindfulness journey with my coach, Erika Cramer for the last 3 months. It’s been amazing and has taught me so much about living in the present and operating from a place of extreme gratitude in every aspect of life. I’ve always been a pretty grateful person, but the everyday stressors of […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about money beliefs lately. Mostly around what I think is a “realistic” goal, what I can achieve and appreciate how far I’ve come in life compared to my family. Money management is a huge part of that, as I have achieved a level of financial stability that I used to […]

First-Generation Wealth Building

This is a big, heavy topic here guys but one that I think is super necessary to put out there- shame and money.  I lived for years feeling shame regarding my finances. I felt ashamed that I didn’t have “enough,” that I didn’t make “enough,” that my parents didn’t have lots of money, that I […]

Money Shame