Why Entrepreneurship is the Golden Ticket for WOC

I’ll tell you a bit about my own career trajectory, leap to entrepreneurship, and how I’ve personally witnessed a financial transformation that has convinced me it’s really the golden ticket.

I worked in wealth management for 8 years before I left to launch my own firm. I spent a lot of that time eagerly trying to impress my bosses, improve systems, increase my knowledge(I got an MBA, my CFP(R) designation, and several other licenses during that time), deliver incredible value to my organization, contribute to an excellent customer experience for our clients, and improve our revenue. I’m human and know I may have stumbled quite a bit, but I know without a doubt that I delivered on my goals more than I did not. Despite that, I hit the bureaucratic brick wall.

“We can only increase your salary by $x.” Even though we all knew I was seriously underpaid due to my increased knowledge not matching my pay.

“You can only get 1 promotion at year-end.” Even though I was clearly delivering value above my title and pay band.

“Your promotion is in title only and doesn’t come with an automatic salary bump.” Even though I knew people with my title were being paid better.

All of that constant striving and battling took its toll. I was miserable personally and professionally as I felt I was not progressing professionally to the level that I wanted. I also knew that had real effects on my family’s quality of life and the way I wanted to set my girls up for the future.

I wanted to be a more present mother.

I didn’t want to stress us all out as I rushed them off to daycare every morning.

I didn’t want a long commute and to never spend quality time with my husband.

I didn’t want to be an exhausted, emotionally depleted mom any longer.

For a while, I thought the answer was to get another job and the accompanying pay increase or a shorter commute. But the longer I searched and talked to recruiters, the more I saw it was the same old stuff I had experienced. A stuffy bureaucratic culture with no sazon serving the same clients I had always served. I’d hit the same pay wall there unless I was willing to job hop for the next 20 years. That prospect sounded absolutely miserable, and like it wouldn’t actually be a tangible solution.

After many late-night conversations and number crunching sessions, my husband and I decided it would be the best outcome for our family if I founded my own firm. I will tell y’all about all the sacrifices we made to get there another time, but let’s just say there were a lot of shifts to be made(mental, physical, and otherwise).

Despite that, the last 1.5 years have been an incredible journey to show me just what is possible.

I’m working with my dream clients.

I serve them in an ethical, authentic way.

I work when I want and need to.

I already earn more than I did at my last job with less than 1/4 of the stress and hustle.

Don’t get it twisted, I work hard and still strive to increase my knowledge and deliver incredible value to my clients. The difference is that I do so on my own terms while building a tangible business empire that will benefit me and generations of my bloodline to come.

My experience isn’t unique. I’ve seen countless clients make that leap and experience increased personal ease, abundance, and limitless earning potential. The key is to do it intentionally, intelligently, and from an informed place. We can’t just get an LLC, go there doing things all willy-nilly and expect to see millions in our bank accounts.

To that end, I’m hosting an incredible event next month for side-hustlers, aspiring entrepreneurs, or full-time entrepreneurs who want to really learn the important financial and legal aspects of a business and how to leverage that to build wealth.

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Why Entrepreneurship is the Golden Ticket for WOC

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    How do I sign up for the event? (I’m not seeing the link.)

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