These last few weeks have been incredibly hectic, busy and so exciting all at the same time. I’ve felt really aligned with my mission of contributing to my community by providing sound financial education to make some significant changes in our trajectory. I’m continuing to beat the drum about the lack of diversity in the […]

A Few Updates

This is a really uncertain time for all of us investors. We have all seen our 401(k) accounts take a substantial hit. Although the market is showing signs of recovery these days, there really is no telling where it will go tomorrow or the day after. That doesn’t diminish the feelings of loss, anxiety,and scarcity […]

What should I do with my 401(k) right now?

Holy pandemic! I’m continually astounded at the speed and scope of this global pandemic. There is no corner of the globe that is not touched by it, as we foreign service families can attest. I’m here today to discuss the unique impacts this global pandemic has on FSO finances and the steps you can take […]

COVID-19 and FSO’s

So, we’re all trapped in our homes and looking for things to do. Looking for another way to pass the time or a reason to go to the store. Here are a few of the things I’m eating/listening to/ reading right now to pass the time (that is besides giving my kids a snack for […]

Looking for things to do while quarantined?

This market feels kind of crazy right? Like if you look away for 5 minutes, you just won’t know how bad it will get. I think we’re all kind of freaked out at the moment, but I’d like to remind all of you out there about a few of the basics: This Too Shall Pass […]

A few thoughts on this crazy market…