How I Work with Clients

So you’re considering hiring me as your financial planner, but you’ve never had a financial advisor before. Well, here’s a bit of a behind the scenes sneak peek of what the process entails, and what it’s like to have yours truly as your financial BFF.

 Step 1: Introductory Phone Call

You would schedule an introductory phone call for us to get to know each other. I’ll ask you to think about the answers to some of the following questions beforehand:

  • What is prompting you to seek out a financial planner right now?

  • What do you hope to get out of a financial planning relationship?

  • What are the biggest dreams you have for your life, and how might I help you achieve them? (Think really big here. Like “money is no object” big.)

This is your time to ask me all of the nitty-gritty questions you may have about how I’ll work with you and what type of engagement might work best for you. More on that here.

Step 2: Send a Questionnaire

After we’ve decided to work together, I’ll send you an information-gathering questionnaire to fill out. This will involve a bit of work on your part, but it allows me to learn where your money is; your assets and liabilities; assess your investment risk tolerance, and begin to learn more about your goals. 

I’ll need all of this about 2 weeks before our Discovery Meeting so I have enough time to review and ask for additional information (if necessary). 

Step 3: Discovery Meeting

This usually takes about 60-90 minutes and will be one of the longer meetings we’ll have in our relationship. We’ll dive deep into the nuances of your financial situation so that I have a full understanding of its components. We will also spend significant time discussing your priorities, goals, and dreams which serve as the foundation of your financial plan.

Afterward, I’ll go off into the background and work my financial planning magic before the big unveiling when I present you with the completed financial plan.

Step 4: Plan Presentation Meeting

Here is where I will present the full financial plan for you. For retainer clients, this will also include a 12-24 month “roadmap” of tasks we will need to accomplish to work towards your goals. You won’t need to do it all at once, because you’ll frequently hear from me on what your next “action item” is throughout the year.

Step 5: 30 Day Check-In

This will be a quick check-in to discuss the financial plan we reviewed together, to see if there is anything that you may have given additional consideration to or would like to add to the plan. 

Step 6:Semi-Annual Meeting

The first of many semi-annual meetings. We sit down to review where we’ve been, what else remains to be done, and if there are any material changes to your financial life that I should know about. We’ll also spend time outlining any tasks that need to be done in the upcoming 6 months. 

Step 7: Rinse and Repeat 

I hope this helped to give you a sense of what it’s like to work with me, and what you can expect from me. Reach out here with additional questions or to schedule an introductory consultation. 

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How I Work with Clients

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